Ballet Technique Problems – Sickling and Rolling of the Feet and Ankles

By | November 21, 2017

Sickling and rolling are terms that are often used in ballet dancing to describe problems with the alignment of the ankle. Many ballet pupils don’t have a clear understanding of this problem, and therefore battle to correct it.

Another word for sickling is supination. Supination or sickling is when you are standing on the outsides of your feet, and the foot has that same curled in look when it is pointed. When the dancer does a releve, their outer ankle bone is pulled into misalignment.

Pronation is the opposite of supination. This is the rolling in of the feet and allowing the arch to drop towards the floor. When the pronating dancer points her foot the inner heel is pushed forward, and this is often referred to as winging the foot. When the ballet dancer does a releve, the ankles also tilt inwards towards the middle line of the body.

Most people think that the ankles are to blame for these two faults, but the ankle joint only points and flexes. The bones in the tarsus create any additional motion and the weaknesses are usually found here.

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