Silly Tricks & Tips to Keep Your Baby Giggling

By | November 21, 2017

Sometimes it takes a village, and as moms and dads, we know this to be true! Entertaining a little one is a big job, so here are a few ideas to make that baby smile!

Halloween this year was an opportunity to get a great big smile and lots of giggles from our own son. Dad decided to dress up as our son’s favorite live action show host – D.J. Lance Rock! The stunned surprise of our son was priceless and it didn’t just cause him to laugh and giggle but all of us too.

When raising a child or two or three…we all need to add some levity to our life once in awhile, remember what it’s like to be a kid and enjoy the laughter. The funniest part of that Halloween costume was the next time the show aired, our son looked at the show’s host, DJ Lance Rock, pointed and said, “Daddy”!

Are you in need of easy ways to make your child giggle and wiggle and dance and have fun? Well, bring out your inner child and remember that it’s the simplest wonders in life that will make your child awestruck with wonder and tickle their funny bone.

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