The Origins of the Kadayawan Festival

By | November 21, 2017

The Philippines is a country that values its history. As many traditions have molded its people’s culture and points of view, Filipinos are still dwelling on old customs and are still evident in their lives today. Among these followed traditions are the festivals in honor of the higher beings old-age Filipinos believed to be the givers of their fortune. As a country that overflows with numerous celebrations, who could forget Davao’s Kadayawan Festival?

Dubbed as one of the country’s most spectacular festivals, the Kadayawan Festival is celebrated during the whole month of August in time for the harvest of Davao’s prized fruits. With grand parades, cultural programs and exhibits and various sporting events, this month long event is an absolute sight to see.

The first Kadayawan Festival can be recorded back in the 70s when former mayor Elias Lopez initiated various festivals that featured Mindanao’s tribes specifically the Lumads and the Muslim community. Most of these festivals featured the tribal dances and rituals of the said natives.

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