Some Hebrew Words That Start With The Letter Dalet of The Hebrew Alphabet

By | November 21, 2017

Let’s go through a few Dalet words. Damuth is the form or the likeness or the type connected to Dalet, the open door. Da’at is knowledge. It’s one of the fundamental 10 characteristics of Yahweh. It’s Da’at, it’s hidden. Da’a is to know. Look at this, knowledge, revelation is coming because there is an open door.

Dama is to tear or to weep. Dammam is to be silent or still. It is only that when you are silent and you are still typically in the time of praise and worship, there are times to dance and there are times to be still and to be silent, to hear. For those dancers and people that express themselves that way, it is not always about dancing. Let that be a word from Yahweh for you. Make sure that it is Him that you are dancing for and not because you enjoy dancing. There are times that you are truly filled with the Ruach and led by His spirit that you should be sitting and listening because He is speaking. Sometimes the King wants you to dance before Him, sometimes the King wants you to sit and bow before Him. I encourage you to ask the King when He comes “what do you want me to do? ” Be open, He’s the King.

Dalah is to hang, swing, pendulous. It’s where the word Dalet comes from, the open door, it swings. To be Dal is to be poor, weak, or powerless. When you are powerless and weak, He will then lift you up and you become strong.

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