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By | November 22, 2017

There are many natural, inexpensive things that you can do at home to influence the odds of your getting pregnant with a baby girl. Of these, the sexual positions that you use to conceive is probably the mostly widely known variable and is the easiest to achieve. In this article, I’ll discuss which positions to use and why they help in your quest for a daughter.

Why The Positions You Use To Conceive Matters If You Are Trying For A Girl Baby: Before I tell you which positions to use, I first want to explain why this is important. The X or girl producing sperm are very slow but are also very strong and long lived. The Y sperm which produces a boy are very fast, but are also quite weak. So, when you are trying for a girl, you want to give the boy sperm a long, difficult, and drawn out trip to the egg to ensure that they have all died off by the time they get there.

The Shallow Sexual Positions That Favor Conceiving A Girl Baby: Remembering the boy sperm’s vulnerability, if you want a female baby, you should use shallow penetration because the boy sperm will have a long, difficult trip as a result, but the girl sperm can live long enough to survive it.

The missionary or traditional position (male on top) achieves shallow penetration and places the sperm at the mouth, opening, or base of your cervix, which is precisely where it needs to be. Achieving this shallow deposit can be a bit more difficult if the man is a great deal taller than the woman. In this case, the spooning position (just like spooning when you sleep) can sometimes work better as the taller man can easily place himself at a lower angle.

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