How to Smooth Talk a Girl

By | November 22, 2017

Want to know how to smooth talk a girl? Most guys would realize that the only way to attract a girl is to conversationally seduce her. Women are attracted to men who appeal to their emotions – and the key to influencing how a woman feels about you is through your WORDS. If you think that you’re not handsome enough or rich enough to attract women, then think again. Brush up on your conversational seduction skills and learn how to smooth talk a girl. Read on to discover the killer ways to use nothing but your words to attract the woman of your dreams…

“How Do You Feel?” Remember that women are governed more by their feelings, and not their rational minds. Therefore, it’s very powerful to ask a woman how she FEELS about things. This line would usually make any woman start to talk about her FEELINGS – and at the same time you can take advantage of this to build instant rapport with her. Here is an example how you could use this technique – first, ask her about her favorite hobby. Then, ask her how she feels when she is doing that hobby.

“Feed Her Chick Crack”. A good way to smooth talk a woman is to get her to talk about two things: (1) astrology, and (2) relationships. These two topics are known to have hypnotic effect on women as far as getting them to talk about themselves, and the things that they care about. When you do this correctly, you would be able to make any woman love you… using your words alone.

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