Learn to Dance – Discipline in Dancing

By | November 22, 2017

Dancing is fun and should be enjoyed, but if you are going to get into a serious dance class, I believe that you should understand the essence of discipline.
What is discipline in dancing?

Every kind of dance requires a specific type of discipline. But what’s sad these days is that the upcoming generation seems to have so much energy, talent and enthusiasm for dancing yet fails to keep up because of the discipline?

Discipline in dancing is expected to be taught early on when students are starting their dance classes at the age of 5. And the kind of discipline taught at this age is more of “self- discipline.”Any kind of learning requires this for the obvious reason that nobody would really learn if one doesn’t have this. The age factor is critical when we are talking about discipline in dancing. Kids who are 7 years of age and above usually are hard to control and teach. They already know how to reason out, answer back and intentionally pour out their tantrums.

Having all these as a premise, dancing per se can be one of the effective tools on teaching a child about discipline. Dancing opened up so many doors of opportunity, fun and exploration for all kinds of people, from young to old. Kids enjoy it, adults love it! And even those who are disabled can equally enjoy dancing.

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