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By | February 24, 2018

Assurant insurance, formerly known as Fortis Health, is a flexible, affordable option for health insurance. There are 34 offices located in or near major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. The company’s dedication to customer service can be seen by individuals, families and groups. Those who have short-term and small group health plans benefit from obtaining their insurance coverage from this company as well. If you want steadfast coverage at a high quality, you will find satisfaction from working with Assurant insurance. For insurance options offered by employers, Assurant offers 100% employee-paid insurance options that may interest employers. These kinds of plans are offered to full-time employees, and their voluntary coverage is deducted from their payroll.

Assurant insurance had employees in mind when they designed the different coverage options. Employer-sponsored benefits like long-term disability, short-term disability, dental, life, dismemberment and accidental death insurances are all offered. Then, employee-paid options like dental, disability, and term life insurance are options as well. The employer-sponsored programs are designed for employers to hand out to between 20 and 1,000 employees. If you have more than 1,000 employees receiving coverage, as long as they meet a standard risk profile, Assurant insurance can write up ideal programs for a higher number of employees.

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Several group plans are offered by Assurant insurance. The first is Group Disability Insurance. With this plan, employers protect their employees financially from accidents that result in disability. This plan helps victims of disabling accidents to resume a productive life as soon as possible. A second form of insurance is Group Term Life Insurance that can apply to groups of employees of three or more people. The amount of coverage offered can be based on earnings, a flat amount, or a combination of these. To enhance this option, employers can offer Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage as well.

Group Dental plans are one of the most common kinds of insurance offered by employers. In 2001, Assurant insurance began offering dental options. The coverage offered here is based primarily on preventative care at a very low cost. Then, if employees so choose, they can sign up for voluntary products like life insurance, long-term, and short-term disability coverage. Today, Assurant insurance has a competitive edge over many other companies because it offers market leading disability, term life, and group dental plans. You may be inclined to choose Assurant for the coverage of your employees, a decision you surely will not regret.

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