Hotel Supplies – Price Vs Quality

By | October 18, 2018

Running a hotel is not a cheap thing to do. If you have worked in the hospitality industry before then you will be well aware of how expensive it is to run a hotel. However, it is the little things like hotel supplies that means you get return trade, unfortunately these can often be the most expensive. Certainly the first thing customers notice is whether a room is clean and whether the promised amenities are available. So, the real problem for hotel owners is how to cut costs on supplies but still keep up with the standards the guest desires. Fear not, there are some very simple ways to reduce your outgoings with regards to your hotel supplies.

A large amount of supplies are needed to keep a hotel running smoothly from day to day. You will need copious amounts of bedding, toiletries and refreshments on a regular basis. Many hotel buyers choose to buy their supplies from companies they recognize or brand name companies but what could save them money is switching to a different supplier or even several different suppliers.

One of the best things to do is instead of buying from standard suppliers look into hotel supply companies and websites that offer substantial discounts to hotel businesses. They gear their products and even quantities to hotel buyers and will often give customers a better rate for purchasing several different items with them. A good way to get some discount on your hotel supplies is to buy in bulk as this will usually get you some money off. If you buy larger volumes of hotel supplies you are likely to get a bigger discount.

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Buying direct from factories is another way you could save some money. This often gets you cheaper prices as you are not given the retail price but the manufacturing one instead. Many online companies offer items from overseas that are cheaper and come directly from the manufacturer. Shopping at places such these can save as much as 20-50 percent in hotel supply costs. If you are unable to store large volumes of stock then this could be your answer. Another similar option is to get in contact with a hotel purchasing company. Companies like this will do all the leg work for you, finding suppliers and putting you in contact with them. By doing this you will save yourself the hassle of tracking down suppliers.

So, if you are looking to lower the costs of your hotel supplies, there are plenty of options you can choose from. It is not necessary to pay extortionate prices just to make sure you guests are getting a top quality experience, you can still do this but at nearly half the price if you do it right.

The author of this article has a great deal of experience in the hospitality industry and know their stuff about good quality service but also keeping the costs low which is why they are the perfect person to discuss the ways in which it is possible to keep your costs low when buying hotel supplies.

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