Hotel Booking Considerations

By | October 19, 2018

Prices that are advertised for hotel rooms are often very misleading. It is difficult to tell if you are looking at a good deal simply by looking at the advertised price. Before booking, you should always look further into the prices:

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Location of the hotel – If the hotel you choose is located off the beaten path, you will have to factor transportation costs into the price of your room cost. If you happen to have your own auto, the extra cost really just involves the price of gas. If you are relying on taxis, or public transport, you will need to carefully factor these costs into the cost of your room. Do not forget to ask about free shuttle services. It is not unusual for hotels to

Facilities – If two hotels are charging the same price for a room but one has, say a swimming pool and a gym, then that one is better value than the one without the extra facilities. Similarly, if you do not plan to use any extra facilities then staying in a hotel that has them will mean that you will probably be paying extra unnecessarily.

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