How to Hold a FIFA 12 Football Party

By | October 19, 2017

It means that all of the kids can play at the same timeFIFA 12 can be quite a skillful game and playing in co-operative mode levels the playing field for those kids who have maybe not played it so muchEven if they’ve played it a lot most people will not have played the video game in co-op mode – this keeps things fresh and fun for everyone

It is immense fun to play co-operatively, you have to communicate, strategise and play together with your team-mate – it opens up a whole new dynamic in video games.
Basically we need to think of each screen as a football pitch.

We will play a championship on the three pitches with the six teams as follows (make sure that the game is set to 4 minutes per half and that someone is making note of the scores. For the purpose of the championship the game will be setup so that penalties automatically follow without extra time so the games do not go on too long.

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