Introduction to Investment Funds – The Principles of Fund Management

By | October 22, 2018

This article aims to aid in the education of novice investors and students of financial services by investigating the principles for the truly effective management of investment funds. The major considerations are looked at in terms of the role they play in ensuring that the standard of management of an investment fund is capable of delivering upon its objectives.

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Good fund management is fundamental to providing an investment portfolio that is sufficiently diversified in order to mitigate investment risk, as well as stable and opportunistic enough to maximise the returns achieved.There are many factors which influence whether or not an individual or company can successfully manage a fund and deliver upon its stated objectives. These include the following areas:


The ability to be able to use and understand all elements of state of the art quantitative analysis systems is vital to a successful fund manager. This facilitates informed and systematic investment to be made which is underpinned by comprehensive statistical analysis and historical data. The use of technological solutions is therefore vital to ensure efficiency in the research processes.

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