New Video Leak Shows Reported Images And Specification

By | October 20, 2017

A Vietnamese technology website called Tiehte released the video which was very quickly removed but the footage was online for enough time for several websites to see what it had to say about the new Samsung Galaxy S3. Perhaps most of the rumours about this new model have been regarding the screen

size and quality that will be offered by the phone. The video clip suggests that the model will be shipped with a massive 4.6 inch screen. This will make it one of the largest mobile screens on the market with just the recently released HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note boasting bigger screens. In terms of resolution the phone is reported to offer a quality of 720 x 1184 pixels. This means that the new handset will be able to display a pixel density of around 320 pixels per inch which is very impressive for a screen of su

ch a large size. In terms of design the model does look very similar to previous Galaxy handsets that have been released. The model sports a very angular design with some neatly curved corners. One thing that we noticed about the design was that the model number GT-I9300 was displayed on the rear. This is in line with previous Galaxy smartphones and helps us to think that this video actually shows a genuine images of the new phone.

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