Lounge Around in the Famous UK Hotels Near HBOS Money Museum

By | October 23, 2018

HBOS Money Museum is a rare and different sort of as place which will surely entice you while enlightening a lot. This museum as the name suggests, is themed around the concept of money and everything related to it. Located in Edinburgh in the wonderful country of Scotland, this place also known by the name of Museum of Mound will give you a lot of information regarding the banks of Scotland, the monetary system, its evolution, growth and the current system of operation. Visitors will find this in the main branch of the Bank of Scotland with a wide assortment of luxury and budgeted hotels near HBOS Money Museum for their convenience. Let’s have a look at some of the famous UK hotels in this region:

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Poised in the easy reach of the Money Museum, this classy hotel gives you a home like feel in its fully furnished apartments which contains a master bedroom with a inbuilt wardrobe, kitchen and a living room with all the luxuries of a four star hotel. The non smoking apartments give you a pure air to breathe with added amenities of a LCD, DVD player, free internet access and heating in this chilly weather.

This beautiful townhouse, a reminiscent of the magnificent Georgian era, is located at the lush green expanses in the centre of city of Edinburgh. If you want to visit some other famous tourist spots beside HBOS Money Museum, like Brass Rubbing centre or Playhouse Theatre and explore the top notch restaurants and bar, they are sited just in the short distance from this hotel.

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