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By | October 23, 2018

If it is your intention to become a better dancer tomorrow than you are today, video yourself dancing…If you dare! Video is a great tool to be used to improve your dance skills. Not only does it show you exactly how you are dancing, it also give you a benchmark on where you began. Videoing yourself every 6 months or so will show your improvement.

While it can be really scary to “watch” yourself dance, it will also be quite enlightening. What you may think you are doing and what you are actually doing will most likely not be the same. Watching yourself dance allows you to observe different sections of your body, piece by piece. For instance, I always thought that I was walking straight ahead with my toes pointed outwards, when in actuality, my toes and feet were completely turned in pigeon toed! It took me months of thinking about every step I took, on and off of the dance floor, to begin to correct a lifetime of walking pigeon toed. I still have the tendency to point inward although it is much improved. Had I never “seen” myself dancing, I would have never known. Even when you are told something by an instructor or observer, it often takes actually “seeing” what they are talking about to be able to fully understand and comprehend what they are telling you. Once you see something that you would like to improve, it is much easier to “visualize” in your mind how you want your body to move.

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I would suggest that you video yourself dancing every dance that you do, watch them all and then pick one area that you would like to improve. You will often find that the same issue is present in all of your dances. Don’t be too critical and don’t try to perfect everything all at once. Learning to dance is a process. You must start at square one and work your way up. Focus on one aspect at a time. When you feel that you have mastered that particular skill, video yourself again and observe the improvement. You may be surprised to find that by perfecting one aspect of your dance, it has improved another. You may also find that it has accentuated a different area that needs work.

Be brave, get out the camera and start dancing! Dance like nobody’s watching, someday you will look back and see just how far you have come! You will be amazed at what a great tool a 3 minute video can be. A picture truly IS worth a thousand words!

Life is not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass…It’s About Learning to Dance in the Rain.

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