Positano Hotels – Beach or Higher Up?

By | October 28, 2018

Planning a stay in Positano? You’re probably wondering about the best location for a hotel.

In Positano, beach hotels (or hotels closer to the beach) are in high demand. But there are also a lot of fantastic hotel located higher up the hill.

So should you stay near the beach or higher up on the hill of Positano? There are benefits to each location – and it depends on your personal plans and preferences. Here are a few things you should know to help you find the best located hotel for you.

Benefits of Positano Beach Hotels:

Staying right on the beach definitely has benefits. The main benefit is probably the fact that you don’t have to walk so many stairs.

Positano is a town built into the cliffs – so to walk through the town, you’ll find yourself walking uphill a lot – or taking the stairs.

Hotels that are especially high up the hill can be up to 500 stairs up from the beach – which is a long walk after a day in the sun!

So having a hotel right on the beach can save you a lot of walking – and it’s a much better choice for people with mobility issues or families with little kids.

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Also, staying on the beach puts you close to the ferry boats – which will take you to Capri, Ischia, Amalfi or Sorrento. So it’s easy to explore the Amalfi coast by boat when you’re on the beach. (Note however that the ferries usually only run during peak season from about mid-May to mid-October).

Staying near the beach also means that you’re close to the pedestrian shopping area and the boardwalk where you can sit at a cafe and people-watch for hours with a good cappuccino.

So the beach definitely has benefits. But staying higher up the hill also has benefits.

Benefits of Staying Higher Up:

First of all, the higher you go in this town, the better the views. Many hotels that are closer to the top of the town take advantage of this and give you private balconies with amazing views.

You can relax on your own private terrace and sip your coffee in the morning while watching the town of Positano come to life – which is pure magic.

Also, hotels higher up the hill can be much more affordable than hotels near the beach. So you can save some money (and spend it on some 5 Star meals or a tour to Pompeii for example.)

Plus, hotels higher up are closer to the road and the bus stops. So if you’re driving yourself and plan to drive to other towns along the Amalfi coast, staying closer to the road can be an advantage. You won’t have to hike up from the beach every time you want to drive somewhere.

Or, if you plan to take the local bus to the surrounding towns (and live like a “true” local), this is easier to do if you’re closer to the road than if you’re staying at the beach.

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