Lightning and Static Protection Best Practices for Oil and Gas Tank Batteries and Well Pads

By | October 21, 2017

Run a continuous trunk line of tinned copper class 1 lightning conductor from a ground (near the first step of the catwalk stairs) to another ground past all the tanks at the opposite side of the battery. This trunk line is to be secured to the underside of the stairs and along the catwalk or piping with clamps spaced no more than 36″ apart. This trunk line will be used to provide at least two paths to ground for each tank.

The lid and flange of every thief hatch must be bonded together with a UL listed tinned copper bonding strap. Every thief hatch, isolated metal body, catwalk, etc, must be bonded to the grounding system so the battery will rise and fall in electrical potential evenly.

Remove bound charge in fiberglass tanks with a Static Lasso® tank protector and bond to the tinned copper class 1 lightning conductor and grounding system.

Streamer Prevention Terminals (Dissipators) shall be installed on the tanks and catwalk handrails at spacing no more than 15 foot apart. Dissipators mounted on PVC piping will need to be bonded back to the grounding system with class 1 tinned lightning conductor.

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