How to Use “Dirty” Psychology Tricks to Make a Girl Chase You

By | October 21, 2017

Dating and seduction has its own set of skills different from those needed for other scenarios. If you want to be an expert in this field, you need to know what kind of skills are required and then work hard to master them. Tactics that are based on the female psychology work best in these matters, especially when it comes to getting the girls to do the chasing.

The best part is that skills like these are quite easily acquired and mastered. This means that if you want to be an expert in dating and seduction, you can do it with no hassles at all, and transform yourself from the wallflower guy to instant babe magnet. These skills are mostly concentrated on the female psyche, and work wonders. Read on to discover the “dirty” tactics you can use you literally force a girl to chase you instead.

Using Confusion As A Seduction Tool. Using confusion as a dating instrument is a secret few guys know and aren’t willing to hand over to you. It works like this – the more you confuse a girl, the more attracted she will be to you. Women are whimsical creatures who love suspense and have a flair for drama. Therefore, if you keep a girl confused and amused, you’re going to find her behind you every step of the way. Try it – it works like a charm every time.

. Cockiness. Girls chase after guys who are naturally cocky and have a funny personality. If you dish out some cocky remarks, you’ll find yourself chased by loads of girls who think you’re cute and fun. You can then take them to that next level where they fall for you completely.

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