Spy Net Video Watch – A Synopsis

By | October 31, 2018

The spy net video watch, the latest electronic gadget to hit the market is wrist watch and video camera and voice changer and lie detector all rolled into one. A very entertaining gizmo for kids as well as adults, it can encourage your kid to take up little secret missions.

James Bond would definitely be impressed with the spy net video watch. This is an amazing magic gizmo with features like built in camera and video recorder, voice changer and lie detector all rolled into one. Who could have imagined a wrist watch of this kind? With this watch, your child can turn into a junior spy and give any thief a run for his (other people’s) money. Jakks has given us a new gift for the holiday season. We get so mesmerised by its uniqueness that we forget that the spy net video watch basically happens to be a watch which can tell time and also has an alarm and stop watch facility.

Let’s see what this rare device has to offer. This thrilling spy wrist toy can take photos and capture at least a couple of thousand images in both real time as well as in time elapse. The spy net video watch as the name implies can also be used for capturing live videos with its in built working video camera and microphone for approximately

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20-30 minutes. Further these can be viewed on its 1.4 inch screen or can be viewed on a computer by connecting it through a USB port. If you want to be a wannabe detective, you can start right away with the spy watch. Apart from spying on your friends and family discreetly, you can also catch them red handed if they are pulling a fast one on you.

The spy net video watch has the ability to detect if someone is lying or telling the truth. This is possible thanks to the inbuilt lie detector. However, the detector needs to be regulated or calibrated with a truth statement from the user. This element would no doubt bring in the fun element when used in a group setting. The other very interesting feature of the spy net video watch is its voice changing facility. This feature can convert a normal person’s voice into that of an old man or an adult’s voice to a child or a boy’s voice to a girl. It is a very entertaining

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