Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch: The Secret to Rekindling Your Preteen’s Creativity

By | October 31, 2018

Most of us don’t want to give our preteens yet another video game for the holidays. But few know why opting for a more interactive toy-one like the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch-may be the best thing you do for your preteen this season.

Believe it or not, studies now show that your preteen’s continual diet of video games may actually change the way they see, and respond to, challenges as an adult. Encouraging pretend play actually helps to prepare children for life by teaching them important social skills like empathy and interacting with others, while significantly increasing their problem solving skills.

And the earlier-and longer-you can encourage abstract thinking through role-play, the better.

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Encouraging role playing in preteens

Preteens are a tough audience. They don’t want to be branded “un-cool,” so it’s hard for them to pretend or even admit to play. But they do love technology. (Cool factor, very high.) Buying your kids some cheap kids spy gear combines their love of high-tech with a role-playing scenario that can help them expand their creative thinking. The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is a great example of high-tech spy gear that won’t require you to break the bank.

No matter what their age or maturity level, kids LOVE pretending to be a spy. They see them in movies and on TV, and whether they’re a fan of Inspector Gadget or fancy themselves on their own Mission Impossible, encouraging a passion for intrigue through spy-play can open a whole world of creative thinking possibilities for your child.

That’s what makes the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch the perfect gift for a preteen whose creativity you’d like to inspire.

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch packs a lot of technology in a small package. This watch has a video camera and built-in microphone that can record 20 minutes worth of video, 4 hours worth of audio, and can take 2000 photos.

This is not just any cheap kid’s spy gear. The video and photo capabilities of this toy are amazing. Plus, they can catch people “on the sly,” and that’s what gives it the “cool” factor that makes it resonate with the preteen set.

Once your child has recorded their video, they can view it-and share it-on the watch’s 1.4″ color screen or by downloading their work onto a Spy Net’s secured site. Plus, while they’re on the site, they can download their own secret video missions to accomplish. So even after they’ve run out of their own scenarios, the “secret missions” they’re assigned to ask the type of “what if” questions that begin the creative thought process all over again.

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