Kids Spy Gear – Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

By | October 31, 2018

What is it about James Bond or Jason Bourne that attracts us? Well for one they are spies and they go around the world to save it and do all kinds of things in the process. They fight with their bare hands and guns; drive cars, planes and helicopters in the most rash manner; brave all kinds of dangers and use a range of sophisticated gadgetry as a means of achieving ends. Well if your kid wants his / her own piece of gadgetry to become a spy, or at least pretend to be one, there’s some good news for you – the Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch.

A kind of a play Spy Gadget, the video watch fits around your wrist in a comfortable manner and can be used to record audio, video and take photographs. The recording can be done in a clandestine manner using the built-in camera. The onboard memory can record up to 20 minutes of video data, over 4 hours of audio data and up to 2000 pictures. You can playback all the recordings on the built-in 1.4 inch color screen of the watch.

But hey that’s not all, there’ more in this Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch. A USB port allows the kids to transfer the recorded stuff on a propriety website for secure storage and online viewing. The USB port also makes the device capable of being fitted with various accessories. This includes devices like the

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SnakeCam that can record audio secretly and securely around corners. When kids get the data transferred online they can play around with it by running lie detector tests, or do a video and audio analysis of the recorded data, analyze their evidence using their secret code reader or play mini games etc. The website also allows the kids to download exciting missions. This allows them to receive special reports and mission briefings.

This great play spy tool with all these great features is suited for the use by those above the age of 8 who have either the ambition or the fantasy of becoming a super secret agent one day and saving the world from the evil forces. Although it is primarily designed for use by kids, grown ups can use it as well – especially those who cannot or will not order real-time professional spy ware stuff. This Spy Net Watch comes with a USB cable and a Rechargeable battery. So go ahead, order your watch today and create your own super spy adventures and become the secret agent you always wanted to become.

A word of caution however would be imperative at this stage. The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is only meant for fun by growing kids who like to keep tabs on certain not too private moments in their friend’s lives and play those back to them. All this stuff is intended only to be fun and should not be used to record those moments that are too private. We would strongly recommend that you drill this user guideline into your kid’s head before you let him / her use it. Another point worth mentioning at this stage is that this is not the stuff genuine professionals use. It is only intended to give your kids, or to you if you are of the fun loving type, a feel of being a spy or a feel of what one part of spy work is all about. You or your kids won’t become a James Bond or a Jason Bourne overnight. But of course, you won’t be like the secret agent in Get Smart either who goofs up everything.

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