Inspirational Video Watching – The Easy Way To Supercharge Yourself

By | October 31, 2018

Inspiration… the state of mind that can super charge us, make us believe in the impossible and bring us new hope. It is also that elusive, hard to manufacture state of mind that only seem to make itself available on command to very few individuals in this world. Those who have it, soar to the top. Those who don’t, struggle forever.

Yet inspiration can be cultivated. It can be turned into a driving force of life rather than a capricious guest who shows up at his own will and time, mysteriously disappearing when we need him the most. Children seem to have it all the time! They are always inspired to follow their seemingly “childish” hopes and desires. So why cant we adults do it? The answer is: we can. The secret lies in understanding how our mind works.

Our subconscious mind literally cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. The Olympic athletes know this, the astronauts in training know this, the pro golfers know this; and that is why they all spend many hours imagining success or replaying their desired goals in their minds. The other thing they do is they keep watching videos of their peak performance over and over. This creates a state of inspiration and programs the mind for success. This process is called “Inspirational Video Watching” or “Success Theater Ritual”. Yet whatever you call it, the truth is every inspirational video you watch, you will be inspired. The more powerful the video is, the more inspired you will be.

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If you watch the right videos, you’ll no doubt find yourself getting juiced up and energized in matter of minutes! That’s the power of these inspirational videos. The motivate and uplift, transport our mind to a state of inspiration, change our state and help us move forward.

Are they the solution to everything in life? No of course not. Inspirational videos are just tools. Tools that can help us take the next step in our journey, provide us a boost when we need it the most, change our state of desperation to inspiration. But they will not make any big difference unless we know where we are going, what our purpose is and what plan we are going to execute. If you are going about in circles in life, being in a supercharged state of inspiration might just help you make circles even faster. But if you know where you are going, if you have a clearly defined goal in mind, if you have a step by step plan of action in front of you and if you are taking significant action everyday… then the process of Inspirational Video Watching can help you go faster than ever before.

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