HDTV – A Maximum Pleasure of Video Watching

By | October 31, 2018

If you are a true movie watcher and are always annoyed with bad quality of video that’s out of your standard, maybe HDTV is a video system that can meet your demand. More and more people admit that they can feel the optimum pleasure from the quality of this video. What is so special with this video system? Why many people find a comfortable video watching on this video quality system? Read this article and reveal all the answers.

HDTV stands for High-Definition Television. This term is usually used to refer a video system that has much higher resolution than the common TV system you watch in your home. It is incredible that the is a video system whose resolution can reach five times that what is had by the standard SD video. With this so high resolution, you can enjoy the smoothness of the graphics presented by every pictures of the video you watch. Many people usually mention this HDTV system with just HD. This is somehow caused confusion, for some video recorders that are operated with a hard drive or hard disc, are also usually called HDs, with an intention to refer to the term Hard Disks.

Historically, HDTV was developed through series of innovation from the analog video systems that were usually adapted in many TV channels in the middle of twentieth century. This analog video system is considered not being able to accommodate the complex decoding signal of televisions that time. Therefore, the use of analog system was left as many researches tried to find another alternative to overcome the complexity of the decoding signal. Then it came what was called the digital compression. This technology was apparently still adapted from the old analog system. However, this technology can give better performance. The first standard HDTV was started to apply all over the world. Many researches all over the world agreed to set a standard ratio for this technology.

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It was the Digital TV Grand Alliance, an alliance of many TV companies supported by MIT, the one that first introduced and launched the technology of modern HDTV video system in America. The inaugural of its broadcast gained a total success, for it did not take a long time before the application of the technology was spread rapidly in Europe. It was Belgium; the first European country first applied this modern technology for TV broadcast. Then, the other European countries like Russian and UK followed to apply the modern HDTV technology with their own innovations. Nowadays, the application of modern HDTV technology is very worldwide.

The quality of HDTV video system is measured based on several parameters. They are the frame size, the flaming rate, and the scanning system. All units of those properties are usually mentioned in certain order to describe the specification and the quality of this video system. Therefore, if you are a movie maniac with a high standard of video quality, and you cannot find the video system that is qualified enough for you, you can try HDTV, and feel the maximum pleasure of watching video.

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