10 Web Marketing Trends For 2010

By | November 8, 2018

Predictions of authors about web marketing trends for 2010 vary. To find out their most common web marketing trend predictions for 2010, I made a survey of ten articles & blogs and here are their top 10 answers:

Top 1 Trend Prediction: Online Video, Video Blogs, Video Marketing, Video Search, Video, Online Video, Online Video Advertising.
Matt Wasserlauf believes that digital video will reign supreme in 2010 and in the years to come. The data released in December 2009 by ComScore Video Metrix showed that 178 million viewers are now watching 33 billion videos online. Web marketing companies such as Hulu and BBE announced that their audiences have exceeded the 100 million viewers. The masses are tuning in, despite the lack of compelling, high-quality content. But once the industry organizes around common standards, the potential becomes unlimited.
Most authors looked on the possibilities of video and geo-localization. They said that it makes a lot of sense to combine content mapping or geo-localization – one of the killer applications on the web- and video content.

When it comes to integrating video-based geolocalization, a site that markets hotel rooms in a form of Hotel Video Guide can be its best ecommerce strategy. By video-based geolocalization, user experience is optimized by providing the necessary information for holiday travelers. Users can browse the site using a Google Maps interface that includes videos of listed hotels.

The video player has all the state-of-the-art features necessary to guarantee a great user experience. Buyers can go from chapter to chapter by clicking video thumbnails to view more info button of the hotel, a photo gallery and related video (similar hotels) button, sharing options and a “see on map” options can be found

Online travel, hotel and restaurant marketers should see this perfect example of mixed up video content and maps to optimize user experience and stand out in map-based search engine marketingfor 2010!

Video Link : https://wp.me/p9hlzp-1tY

Top 2 Trend Prediction: Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Web Marketing
Mobile marketing is seen by most experts as one area that we’ll see huge growth in 2010. This is pushed by the rapid version of smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry and cell phones that run on Android, including Google’s Nexus One).
Mobile marketing and advertising will focus on different mobile applications such as:

intelligent mobile devices beyond talking, typing and clicking, but photographing recording, touching, locating, shaking, accelerating and blowing
non-wireless mobile video conferencing services
mobile services that enable video conferencing and the networks and handsets that support it
mobile customer services and mobile commerce
proliferation of standardized technology and higher quality camera phones;
mobile video, technology solutions that disable handset features when the owner is driving
real time mobile coupons for discounts and freebies

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