Guest Houses Over Expensive Hotels – What Are the Core Benefits?

By | October 21, 2017

Just yesterday, I came across an interesting article in the local magazine. If you’re already guessing the topic of the article, I am here to help you. Well, it was not about any movie star or cricketer; it was about the way people prefer local guest houses over luxurious hotels. In short, visitor lodges returned into fashion once again. As a matter of fact, both corporate as well as family people choose lodges instead of high-end hotels.

For me, it’s not something surprising as I love staying in a visitor lodge instead of an expensive hotel. I will explain the basic reasons in the remaining part of my article. According to the magazine article, the global financial setback is one of the main reasons for people to show more interest in guest house accommodation. Considering the present situation of the world economy, most people cannot afford a foreign vacation today, and you can expect this trend to continue for a very long time. Even for those who prefer staying at home, holidaying on a budget is a good option. This type of accommodation is very popular, as this is the most cost-effective place to stay in.

Even if you’re not a budget traveler, here are some valid reasons behind the immense popularity of guest houses over expensive five-star hotels.

The phrase “visitor lodge” generally invites images of dirty rooms, worn bed sheet and lack of facilities. If you’re thinking in the same line, chances are that you’re still residing in the past. These days, guest houses are stylish, ornate and most importantly comfortable. The rooms of these lodges are pretty clean, without too much clutter or frills around. This gives you a homely feeling – something you really need when you’re out on vacation.

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