How To Make Your Wife Happy – A Married Woman’s Secret Wish List for a Happy Married Life

By | October 21, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, marriage doesn’t make a woman secure enough not to demand their husband’s attention. We are a creature of habit, and women, by nature, seek attention from men, and compete with each other for this kind of attention. It’s in our DNA. We see in movies and we hear from conversations, men saying “My girlfriend’s always jealous, and demands too much attention, I don’t want her to be jealous, so I’m going to marry her, I’m proposing next week”. In this example, we see that a man in a serious relationship thinks of marrying his girlfriend, a solution to her insecurity issues. Proposing to your girlfriend may make her elated, and confident for a certain period of time, but it doesn’t get rid of her true emotions, that are bound to surface during the marriage, if not properly resolved or addressed.

A woman, though happily married, may still have reservations in having children. Most men think that when a woman says yes, and agrees to get married, she would immediately be ready to have children, and would want to conceive soon. She may show her willingness to have a family, however, men should still confirm if their wives are indeed prepared for pregnancy and giving birth; physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Financial security for women, though very important, is not everything a woman needs. A married woman may be more confident, and would trust her husband more if he is a productive member of the society, is successful in his field, and makes enough to give his family a comfortable life, but her husband’s financial success is not the sum of all her happiness and contentment in life. A husband’s wealth does not secure his wife’s constant happiness, faithfulness and full cooperation, it also does not mean she would always be willing to give up her career or a life long dream. This type of decision, almost always has to come from a woman’s own will, she decides with her mind and her heart, and women do a lot of thinking.

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