Video Security Cameras – Captured on Tape

By | October 22, 2017

Video security cameras have been around for many years. These cameras have become a major part of our lives when it comes to protecting lives and property. These cameras also have given the public some of the most graphic scenes from recordings taken inside convenient stores. The bravery of the clerks and audacity of the perpetrators have been forever caught on tape.

But not all are to catch a thief or protect property. Some are to watch over our loved ones. For this purpose the modern have been incorporated into a wide variety of objects. For a small child or infants room there is a cuddly teddy bear. These are available from just over $200. They come equipped usually with a 90 plus degree field of vision that operate over multiple channels.

If placement throughout a home or business is wanted without the occupant being aware of the surveillance, then the smoke detector with video security cameras are available. These can come with either a side view or bottom view. The viewing field is generally just over 90 degrees. These have multiple channels of operation and are wireless. The operating range is up to 700 foot line of sight range.

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