Hotel Marketing – Win Over More Customers With Creative Visual Content

By | November 15, 2018

Hotel customers around the world are becoming smarter, thanks to the Internet, Smartphones and abundance of information. These smart customers expect rich, engaging content at their finger tips everywhere, including online promotions for hotels and hospitality.

So when hotels cater to this demand, more people can be converted to customers. But how does creative media satisfy this need and promote your business? Read on to find out!

Hotel marketing is successful, when it persuades customers to choose that hotel to stay. Persuasion is best done by emotions with support of solid facts. Emotions are best created by appeal to the senses. So which aspect of a prospective visitor’s senses should an hotelier appeal to? Visual, obviously! Emotions caused by visual appeal reinforce your presentation positively.

The degree of persuasion is directly proportional to how engaging the visuals are. So the better your visuals, the higher your chance to win over a potential customer. Appeal to his senses and let him visualize your hotel’s lifestyle statement. He/She will believe that they are valued and special. Good visual content does that with minimum effort.

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Now, the first thing anyone will relate to when they think of visual content is photography. Photography can be appealing but it is static, not interactive and has limited attention spans.

Photography leaves this job to its new-found cousins, creative media! In the context of hotels and hospitality, this mainly refers to virtual tours with full spherical panoramas, videos and presentations.

Full 360 panoramic virtual tours are the easiest way to describe the aesthetics, space, layout and descriptions of any feature in the hotel. They encourage the user to look around the hotel and spend some time to understand what the hotelier wishes to convey.

Videos are the best representations of a facility. It reinforces the customer with the belief that “What he sees is what he gets!” Videos taken with a high quality, good angle, nice lighting and creative composition can administer a good dose of lifestyle and grandeur to a hotel, imparting the same sense to a viewer.

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