Measure Hotel Surveillance Performance With BSC

By | November 15, 2018

In order to win loyalty of customers business owners as well as top managers do everything possible to improve quality of products and services offered to potential customers. Hotel industry is not an exception here. Moreover, this industry is characterized by a very intense competition. There is a variety of choices when looking for a hotel to stay in. When it comes to five star hotels to come petition gets crazy. Visitors do not just want to spend the night in a hotel. They want to feel at home. They want to get top level services. They want to remember their staying in the hotel. That’s why in order to gain competitive advantage hotel top managers and owners need to be constantly evaluating performance of their hotels in order to develop strategic plans lament strategic goals.

As known security measures are all important in hotel industry. Unfortunately, it happens that personal things and belongings of hotel visitors are missing or get stolen. Without any doubt after such an accident a customer will never come back again. Who wants to lose customers because of imperfect security measures? Besides, if information on accidents and facts becomes public or mass media spread a word about such facts, the hotel will suffer enormous financial losses and its reputation will be spoiled. This is to say that security is an important component of top quality services.

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In order to improve hotel performance and attract new customers, security measures have to be intensified. In order to improve something current performance has to be measured. So far, Balanced Scorecard is perhaps the most reliable and efficient performance evaluation and strategic management tool. BSC can be easily applied to measure hotel security performance. The key problem here is the choice of effective key performance indicators. To locate efficient KPIs security officers and top managers of our hotel have to think what influences improvements in hotel security.

Such key performance indicators are not randomly chosen. Everything depends on current situation with security in a hotel, its structure and perhaps strategic goals. It means that security measures evaluated at one hotel may not suit needs of the other. However, there are universal sets of key performance indicators which are generally used in evaluation of hotel security performance. Let’s name a few of them.

To begin with, due attention has to be paid to video surveillance. To measure this aspect of hotel security we recommend using such indicator has percentage of area covered by surveillance cameras. This indicator show “white spots” in the hotel.

Training and education of hotel security guards is extremely important. An ideal security guard should do his job but hotel visitors should not even notice him or her. Evaluation of such indicator has number of training sessions per security guard can tell much about efficiency and professional level of security personnel. Use of latest technologies in evaluation of hotel security is another example of an effective and very representative key performance indicator. This may be use of surveillance cameras, AI security systems etc.

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