Wedding Night Lovemaking

By | October 22, 2017

Wedding night lovemaking is one of the most important nights of intimacy you can have with your new mate. It will be the highlight of your day of ceremony. So how do you make it as special and as pleasurable as it should be? Here are some tips for making sure your most important night of intimacy delivers all that it should.

What this entails is making sure you make things as romantic as possible. Candles, flowers, champagne, and other things to create romantic intimacy is a must. Women can surprise their husbands with new, sexy, lingerie. Men can provide matching silky robes to get cozy in after wards.

Now since this is wedding night lovemaking, you both probably cannot wait to become intimate with one another! But here’s the thing, you want to have your night of intimacy, be as memorable as possible! If you rush through things, it won’t be as memorable. Engage in a lot of foreplay. During intimacy, take things slow and make the moments last. This ensures a very memorable night.

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