Hotels and Holiday Decor

By | November 17, 2018

Millions will travel during the holidays this year, as they do every year, and many of those will stay in hotels. Most hotels decorate their foyers and common areas with pine or holly boughs, Christmas trees and wreaths which add life, beauty and a fresh scent to them. Some hotels offer guests gingerbread cookies, peppermint flavored coffee and other wintry, Christmas related hotel supplies, upon arrival. Hotels recognize that even in our PC world, Christmas is celebrated and loved, if only for the great food, gifts and the sparkly lights, by the majority of their prospective guests so decorating with a variety of classic hotel supplies is appropriate and appreciated.

From foods and drinks to decor and the trimmings, there’s a plethora of supplies that are Christmas or holiday themed. Some hotels have small hotel supplies budgets so they keep it simple and understated with a Christmas tree decorated with paper ornaments and strings of cranberries or popcorn. Perhaps a wreath with a red bow graces the front facade. Sometimes it’s less about spending money on decor and more about a welcoming, festive ambiance. Simple red bows for doors and rails, pine garland for door trim and rails and pine boughs or small ornaments given original uses are great, unusual hotel supplies.

Often times when people stay in hotels, whether it’s the holiday season or not, while they appreciate wreaths and lights and that unmistakable pine scent, they expect the standard decor to be in their guest room. When guests enter their room, seeing a spotless bathroom fully stocked with hotel supplies such as fluffy bath towels is comforting. Walking into a well dressed guest room furnished with useful decor and hotel supplies such as an information binders and alarm clocks is appreciated. Especially during the holidays, seeing the expected elements such as coffee makers, fully dressed beds, desks, ice buckets and other common hotel supplies offer calm in the chaos of travel and the holidays.

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Whether it’s a high end hotel, a road side motel or a quaint bed and breakfast, most hotels do a masterful job of blending holiday decor and every day furnishings. Down comforters and luxurious cotton sheet are hotel supplies made even sweeter during the holiday season when boughs of holly and the fresh scent of pine waft through corridors. Some hotels offer guests seasonal hotel supplies such as ginger bread cookies or mint laced hot cocoa or gourmet coffee during the holiday season while others only decorate their common areas.

In the lodging industry, competition is stiff every day, holiday or no. Every lodge strives to satisfy guests in every way, including by providing quality hotel supplies, exceptional service and a great overall experience. If one part of the whole is lacking, if for example the toilet isn’t functioning correctly it can overshadow even the finest furnishings and the kindest guest services employees. In the end, the holiday season gives everyone including hoteliers the opportunity to celebrate all things festive.

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