Top 5 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Attract Big Traffic

By | November 18, 2018

Internet marketing has gone a long way and it is no longer just about the typical strategies that we know of such as publishing ebooks, sending articles to various article directories and getting links from the common sources. Now is the time for video marketing and it is in that venue that most successful internet marketers today are seeing much of their traffic.

Which brings us to mentioning the most popular video publishing website today, YouTube. While there are others that are also enjoying a good number of users, it is however on YouTube where people usually go to when they want to watch a video. Some of these other video sites that are worth mentioning are Vimeo and Viddler.

Most internet marketers today initially publish their videos on YouTube. This is called YouTube video marketing, quite popular because of the great amount of traffic that the site commands. If you are just one person working on your website and quite understandably you can’t be active in all the other video sites, focusing more on YouTube is a sound plan.

So now let’s talk about the top 5 ways on how to best use web video marketing to bring in the traffic you need for your website.

1. Keep in mind that most people prefer to watch than to read.

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This has nothing to do with people becoming illiterate. It’s just that watching a video is so much easier, and usually so much more fun, than reading through chunks of online text. All one has to do is click on the play button, sit back and watch the video. There’s no need to even scroll down to see more of it unlike text. So for your part, it is best that you create a video that is engaging and that is truly worth everybody’s time.

2. Create an entertaining video.

This brings us to the point stated previously that it is more fun to watch a video. Especially if the video was professionally done and edited. An entertaining video will surely attract more people to it, and later to your own website.

3. Always mention your website or your business in the video.

What good is a YouTube video if you do not mention there the website that you are promoting? Create a text graphic and flash it at the bottom part of the video or just talk about your site at the beginning of the video.

4. Put your own videos on your other websites.

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