3 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

By | November 18, 2018

the content marketing better is the business.”
Content marketing in a right way can give your business a right exposure. In this fast paced world of internet, you cannot neglect it, otherwise your business might extinguish in the end. You have to pay equal attention to content creation and promotion.

With each passing day, we see new trends emerging in almost every aspect of online marketing. Content marketing is no different. From Facebook, Twitter to Snapchat, new platforms are being emerged, promising to deliver better value for content marketing.

To stay competitive, companies have to stay updated with the emerging trends. That’s why today I aim to shed light on major trends that you should watch closely in 2017.

Content Marketing Through Videos

Video is visual description of your story.
Being in trend from quite some time, videos will continue to lead the content marketing in 2017. The effectiveness of videos is obvious as indicated by the following statistics on HubSpot.com.

Videos increase click-through rate by 200-300%
Videos increase conversion by 80%

Video Link : https://wp.me/p9hlzp-1EV

64% of customers make buying decisions after watching the video
YouTube reports 100% increase in mobile video views every year.
No doubt, marketing through videos is really effective but that does not mean you start doing it haphazardly. You should do strategic video marketing to squeeze maximum juice out of it. Make purposeful videos and align with your long-term strategy. Through videos, you can:

Deliver your brand message
Communicate your brand story
Explain your value proposition
Build relations with your customers and prospects.
However, you also need to be careful while creating videos. A boring video or a video that does not have any value for customers will go in vain.

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