Jelqing Penis Size Gains – How Big Can You Get?

By | November 18, 2018

Guys looking into getting bigger penis size should definitley get on board with jelqing. This is the exercise that you do to naturally increase your size. It’s safe, natural, and effective.

What does it look like? Well, imagine stroking and massaging your penis. Basically it’s one slow and controlled stroke using one hand, then doing the same with the other and repeating this rotation for several repetitions.

It does take time to work, but the gains are usually worth it. Most guys will commit at least a few months of jelqing in order to get much bigger.

So, the big question – how big can you get from jelqing?

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Results will vary, but generally it’s safe to say that after 3-6 weeks you should be an inch bigger! This can make a HUGE difference for most guys. It can turn you from small to average, or from average to BIG.

Many guys will continue on with jelqing for continued growth gains, depending on how large they want to get. As mentioned, usually at least a few months is devoted to jelqing.

But keep in mind, you have to do it right. That is, you have to follow a good routine. Time and again guys will spend a few months just trying to figure out the exercise! This is a huge waste of time and you definitely won’t see that first inch gain in only weeks if you are still trying to figure out how to do the exercise.

The best bet is to watch a video and see if jelqing is for you. Then get on a proven program that guarantees results.

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