Life Insurance – Critical Illness Coverage

By | November 22, 2018

Insurance is one of the must haves a man should posses, which can help a great deal in crisis. Critical illness insurance is one kind of insurance that pays you money, if you are diagnosed with any kind of life threatening illness or something that may force you to discontinue the current profession. This life insurance critical illness cover will help you in some financial situations for household bills and mortgage repayments for a certain period of time, even after losing a job or being hospitalized.

Remember, this is not normal life insurance coverage and the policy holder need not die, for the family members to be able to avail the benefits from the policy. This plan is implemented mainly to help the insured person, when he or she has to undergo any kind of surgery or suffering from any kind of serious illness. Make a note that the illness that you get should be in the stated list of the company. If the illness that you have is not in the list, then you cannot avail any benefits from the life insurance critical illness policy.

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There are varied numbers of policies available and the term of the plan depends on your health, sex, occupation and age. It is essential that you get all the needed documents once you have applied for insurance plan of your choice. Before issuing a policy to any person, the insurance provider may try to discuss about the family history and possibility/symptoms of the major diseases like heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems etc.

There are two types of terms provided in the life insurance critical illness plan, namely the mortgage life cover and fixed term life cover. You can also take a critical illness cover along with your life insurance policy by paying additional money. This will give a lump sum amount, if you are identified with any kind of special critical health problems. The minimum term that most of the insurance providers offer is two years and maximum is 40 years.


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