How to Give a Lap Dance Like a Pro And Drive Him Crazy With Desire

By | October 22, 2017

Lap dancing is sometimes provided on request by professional strippers. But you don’t have to be a pro to learn how to give a lap dance. If you want to have your lover eating out of your hand in no time at all, lap dancing is a great activity that also allows you to let loose and have some fun! Just follow these tips on how to give your man a sensual performance he won’t soon forget:

The first step in how to give a lap dance like a pro is to adopt the right attitude for success…enjoy yourself! This requires you feel sexy and loved! Accept and enjoy yourself exactly the way you are. Your confidence will overcome any perceptions of aesthetic shortcomings!

Setting a sexy mood involves setup, lighting, music and appearance. Your man should be seated in an arm chair during your performance, with hands tied if possible. Pick sensual music with a moderate, sexy vibe you can dance to. Romantic lighting can be achieved by covering a lamp shade with a sheer scarf or two. Select a sexy, themed outfit based on whatever turns him on the most, whether biker chick or genie in a bottle? You get the idea! Take plenty of time preparing beforehand to look your best!

Now, you’re about to make your man so hot for you, he’ll be begging for an encore! Show him you know how to give a lap dance by standing several steps in front of him. Swing your hips to the beat of the music in a circular motion. If you can imagine drawing a sideways figure eight with your belly button, you’ll have the right idea. Glide toward your partner in a catlike motion, slow and sensual.

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