Stag Night in Krakow

By | October 16, 2017

Krakow is an amazing city. The historical Polish capital, with famous palace – Wawel. Although this city is a cultural center of Poland, it offers many different attractions – not only for the tourists looking for cultural events. Krakow is one of the best places to have fun! Plenty of night clubs, regular festivals and other events will ensure you unforgettable experiences. Everyone who visits this place, will remember it for a long, long time. So, if you are planning your stag night at the moment, Krakow is a perfect choice. Spend your stag night in Krakow – it is worth it.

Stag attractions and activities:
The most popular form of spending the last night of freedom is obviously striptease party. But it does not have to be a typical party in the night club, with you and your friends, all drunk and actually bored. Spending your stag night in Krakow you can rent a bus (or a limo) which will take you and your friends in amazing city tour (with lady female guide on board). You can hire it for your airport pick which is combined with the city cruise. You have time to enjoy all the attractions on board e.g: remote controlled ceiling, bar, screens, dvd, karaoke equipment, gaming console and the dancing pole… Anything you wish!

Polish tour operators take care of own clients and know their needs and preferences very well. During your stag night in Krakow you can count on such a nice surprises like the strippers. For instance, two beautiful girls playing with each other while dancing. They can dance anywhere and anytime, also in a Morning Glory show to make the stag happy twice as much! If you prefer to meet a policewoman in the uniform, she will come to arrest you. The firefighter will cool you down – or not…

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