How to Organise a Great Stag Night for Your Best Mate

By | October 16, 2017

For one reason or another, your best mate has got down on one knee and said he’ll do the honourable thing. No not to you, to his girlfriend! Their families are filled with joy and excitement as wedding plans are made and then one night he turns round to you and says mate “Will you sort out my Stag do?”

Honoured and flattered you quickly say “yes”, but then it dawns on you that you may have actually taken on a bit more responsibility than you originally thought.

The wedding reception may still be great for chatting up bridesmaids and if you have to make a speech – well it’ll be kept short, a bit like doing a team meeting at work – rehearse, couple of stiff drinks and it’ll be fine. But what about the Stag night?

These days organising a stag night requires more imagination than a night down the local. Whilst a few pints in the pub seems to be OK in an East End soap opera, trying to convince anyone you know that’s going to be enough is a different matter.

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