7 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding a Motorcycle

By | October 23, 2017

A motorcycle isn’t just something that moves you from one place to another – it’s truly an experience every time you ride it. Unlike anything I can think of, motorcycle changes you. You’re not just a guy or a girl with a motorcycle: you’re a rider. You feel cooler, because you ARE cooler. Motorcycle isn’t something you own, it’s something you do. You ride. Riding a motorcycle can turn daily commute into an adventure. Here are my 7 reasons to start riding a motorcycle.

While riding a motorcycle on the road might be fun, it takes an incredible amount of concentration and focus. After all, you don’t have a protection of the car’s frame, the convenience of cup holders and the luxury to daydream while riding. Constantly monitoring your situation – speed, road ahead and body posture to name a few – serves as meditation that will surely clear you mind of the unnecessary thoughts. I have never once thought about that episode of Game of Thrones while riding. On motorcycle, you’ll find inner peace and become one with your bike.

A lot of people flinch at the thought of daily commute on a motorcycle. But if you think of it, riding to work makes sense. You’ll save big on gas, as well as on time you commute. You’ll get to work sooner and with less frustration from being stuck in traffic.

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