Stop Being a Little Sissy Schoolgirl – Become the Man That Women Want

By | October 23, 2017

Too many men these days want to be wimps. They act like boys rather than men. It is one thing to be in tune with your emotions. I believe this can be a positive thing. But some many men these days go too far and really “wear their hearts on their sleeves”. Women are getting sick of this, if they want a sensitive, emotional girlfriend, they can get that from their female friends. You do not need to fill that role and follow them around carrying their purse. To learn how to be the man that women want, please read on…

The things that you a man rather than a boy or even worse, her male female friend surrogate read like a list of things from the boy scout code. A Man is: Courageous, humorous, bold, honorable, has integrity, honor, commitment, leadership, humility, decisiveness and confidence. Those are likely a lot of adjectives to wrap your head around. I like to think of the perfect man like James Bond (Sean Connery version). Of course even he lacked humility. You do not have to be 100% great in every way but you should always be struggling to improve yourself.

There is a poem. Yes, I am talking about a poem when discussing how not to be a sissy-boy. Wanna make something of it? It is extremely popular and has always been one of my favorites, it is by Rudyard Kipling and is called “If”

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