Perth and Adelaide Hostels Definitely Different!

By | October 23, 2017

Flying to Perth from Sydney and arriving in the early evening darkness I had expected to take a bus into the city. I had seen that buses were available from the airport to the city on the internet. This in reality did not work out that way. In the end all that remained was a shuttle, which dropped me off outside the hostel. I was lucky I hadn’t got the bus as I doubt I would have been able to find the hostel. It was in a poor area and its exterior definitely in need of a make over.

The hostel interior not much better given the state of the building. Another four-bedded room to myself right out side one of the communal kitchens, need I say more, but at least it was convenient for coffee and cooking meals. The bathroom, definitely a new experience with its flimsy shower curtains in the same room as the toilet. Lack of space to hang clothes while showering and general lack of privacy made it a mad dash to shower before others rolled out of bed. In fact, that did not work either!

The free breakfast consisted of toast and coffee in one of the two small kitchens. The beauty of this hostel I found was the use of the free internet on the computers and the close access to the city’s free transport system They also wanted cash payments, instead of being able to use the credit card as I had done else where. I only struck this once while traveling in Australia.

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