Sizzling Zumba Latin Dance Workout – Best Cardio for Weight Loss

By | October 24, 2017

People of all ages and gender are drawn to the Latin beat of Zumba, and a few sessions are all it takes to turn them from couch potatoes to “lean, mean Zumba machines”. In fact, in a typical workout session, it is quite easy to burn 1,000 calories in an hour, making Zumba one of the best cardio for weight loss programs around. Zumba fans have reported significant weight loss within a short period of participation time.

The skillful Zumba instructor will usually start off the class with some slower warm-up moves, working up to high-energy, heart-thumping routines, which take up the better part of an (usually) hour-long session. Towards the conclusion of the class, the routine winds down gradually to a slower tempo, to give participants an opportunity to slow down their heart rate and to cool down before the conclusion of the class.

The sexy, rhythmic Latin-inspired routines can be brought to any dance floor, which makes Zumba even more attractive to fitness-conscious people who also happen to love to dance. And how about those gorgeous Zumba outfits and footwear? Yet another excuse to go out and shop.

Since its introduction, Zumba has created more than 10,000 Zumba instructors world-wide and has generated over 3 million Zumba DVD sales. Zumba workout classes are springing up in community gyms as well as private dance studios. And that’ s not counting countless fanatics who clear out space in front of the television two or three times a week to get their regular Zumba-fix.

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