Fitness Without the “Dumb” Weights

By | October 24, 2017

I get bored with repetitive moves here too – so I make it stupid and it gets fun! You can break up repetitive moves like a bicep curl and pretend you’re working with more resistance. I pretend to be a Gumby mime artist, doing the same movements with extra resistance. The bands are great for improvising with, so combine your different movements to see how you can break the routine.

These balls fit in your hands and you can dance with them – but gently – so you don’t throw out your arm joints! Try this activity – slow arm circles while sitting and lying, feel where you arm collapses, falters of feels weak. Now take the ball around your weak spot and see how you can integrate your abs into making the movement stronger. Try not to overwork your weak spot as this can cause muscle fatigue. The intention is to find how your abs and back can shift to SUPPORT the arm movement, rather than using your arm to do all the work.

This makes it more interesting and challenging for your muscles and mind to balance. Do the arm rotations slowly and enjoy the massage of your joints. It’s not all about muscle – your tendons and joints need to feel some juice moving through them too. You can use the balls to do arm stretches and reaches and create your own dance and stretch.

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