What Your Pastor May Not Tell You About Miracles

By | October 24, 2017

He cracked funny jokes, sang fantastic songs and was good with his dance steps along the line. Yet, I felt deep down it was all drama, comedy circuit show. I may be wrong, ho ho ho.

Most pentecostal and other pastors I know will tell you to hand over all the problems you have created for the blood of Jesus to wash away. God or Jesus will not work for you, but with you.

Very few pastors, who are less selfish, will preach the gospel of hardwork, humility, sincerity, accountability, openness, Godliness and serving humanity to their followers, especially in some developing countries where poverty is endemic.

Pastors who ask their worshippers to blame the devil, enemies, so-called secret societies, etc, for the problems the worshippers create themselves are selling dumpy to the world.

The minute we begin to accept personal responsibilities for whatever happens to us, good or bad, that minute we are back on the line.

When we are faced individually or collectively with any problem, we should first and foremost go inward and ask ourselves certain critical questions.

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