Punggol – After Its Plastic Surgery

By | October 24, 2017

Imagine a community centre catered to your special needs. Finally, your wish of signing up for that dance class and debuting in a foreign land as the next big thing is on the go. Or maybe you just want to keep fit? Then sign up for yoga or kickboxing programmes and strut your way to a fabulous body.

For the food lovers who simply cannot get enough love from food, look out for a hawker centre. Yes, not a restaurant or eatery, it is a hawker centre. Singaporeans all know the wonders of hawker centre. It is where all the food gems lie. For those living in Punggol or are looking to do so, do sign up in advance for a cardio workout at the community centre mentioned above! Believe me, you will need it.

Calling all bookworms, if you are going to invest time in reading books. You might as well book (get it?) a place in Punggol! This will be a very worthwhile decision since Punggol further offers a rather scenic, picturesque and tranquil environment for the nature lovers. It would most definitely complement well with your dreams of lying on the grass underneath the shade of a tree and reading lazily; meanwhile, hoping for an apple to drop and make you smarter?

There is going to be a polyclinic along Punggol Drive and the Bright Hill Evergreen Nursing Home on Punggol Field. It will be made accessible by LRT. Therefore, do not worry about chalking up inflated medical bills but instead, take the LRT and receive comparably smaller amount of bills to pay.

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