TV-Film Acting Training Builds Confidence in Youth

By | October 24, 2017

A child has a natural acceptance of themselves; however, this doesn’t always equate to gaining confidence. Confidence in children often results from their environment. Children usually develop their confidence at an early age. This confidence or lack thereof will be brought into their adulthood or possibly the rest of their lives. TV and Film Acting training is one way of teaching kids and teens how to gain confidence in themselves.

You may want to consider enrolling your child in an on-camera acting class with a goal of simply providing your child the opportunity to develop their self-confidence.

One advantage of an on-camera acting class is that your child will be able to watch their performance during a video tape playback (in our studio not every studio). During this playback session, the child will observe ho w they present themselves and make the desired changes almost immediately. I have seen students with bad habits of eyes blinking, fidgeting, head bobbing etc. stop this behavior once they have seen themselves on camera. Children are learning “self-awareness” and how they appear to others.

When contacting any particular school ask them if they will allow your child to audit and participate in a class before deciding to enroll. It is best to take a free class or at the very least observe whether or not the child is cooperative and wants to be in the class. Many parents will say to me, “Oh, my son/daughter is too shy for acting.” This is precisely the reason to take acting! Acting helps a shy child break out of their shell.

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