Exploring the City of Merida – Investing in Yucatan Peninsula Condominium Properties

By | October 24, 2017

Last week, I described in brief, the history of Yucatán Peninsula starting from its discovery by Hernández de Córdoba, describing the Mayan artisan influence in this region and emphasizing the importance of Mayan people for the Mexican tourism industry. As well, I have described Yucatán’s geological phenomena such as lack of above-ground rivers, abundance of limestone deposits and the wonders of cenotes or deep holes filled with underground waters.

This week, I would like to talk about my experiences in the city of Merida. I have rented a car and started my journey from Riviera Princess located in the Mayan Riviera, driving towards the city of Cancun on the main highway referred to by the locals as “la federal”. From Riviera Princes to the city of Cancun I drove for about 120 kilometers, contemplating the views, gathering a feel for the road and the Mayan population.

The highway is well-maintained, although it contains a lot of “los topes” or bumps in the road, which serves as a government strategy to reduce speed in more populated areas. Sometimes, these annoying topes are so badly marked (yellow paint used) that I almost found myself flying through the air in my rental car.

The city of Cancun is located to the east of “la federal”, so I turned towards the west onto another highway (la federal 180) which links Cancun to the great city of Merida.
To reach Merida, (located approximately 320 km from Cancun) I drove through the cities of Xcan, Chemax, Valladolid, Dzitas, Tunkas, Izamal, to finally reach the Centertown of Merida. Merida has a fascinating history; this city was built primary on top of the ruins of the city T’ho (old Mayan city). The magnificent Catholic cathedral has been constructed using stones

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