Top Five Starter Books for Men Who Do Not Read

By | October 24, 2017

Apart from a few percentages, most men would rather watch or play a game than read a book. Starting from “It is too long” to “I don’t want to”, the reason for lack of interest in reading could be anything. Although it is such a pleasurable pastime, you cannot force reading on someone who does not want to read. Perhaps, this is why, books are the last things, which come to mind when thinking of ideal manly gifts.

It is not easy to buy books for someone who hardly reads. Not only you have to find a suitable genre for them, you also have to find a book they will actually enjoy reading. Here are few book titles, suggested for those non-reading males who reject books for the mere reason that they do not have the patience:

About: It is about teenage angst and alienation of Holden Caulfield, who shares with the readers, his account of 24-Hours he spent in New York City. Here he comes to realize that adulthood is nothing but a sham and hopes preserve the childhood innocence when he grows up.

For whom: First published in 1951, The Catcher in the Rye is as one of the most outstanding work of fiction of the 20th Century. Originally intended for adult readers, the novel eventually made its niche amongst a more suitable audience, the young adults. It was they, and many adults too, who felt they could relate the agonies of adolescence the protagonists went through. Brilliantly crafted by Mr. Salinger, the realistic themes and characters make it a believable story for all.

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