person’s creative side

By | October 24, 2017

Creativity is sometimes put in the category of those gifts that only a select few receive. You might even think there is no need for it unless you are planning to earn your living as an artist.

Actually while some people use and exercise their creativity more then others, you were born with creativity just like everyone else. Too often the benefits that come from a person’s creative side are not recognized as creativity.

If you are wondering where you creativity comes from take a peek at a picture of the human brain. All human brains have left and right frontal lobes, which are also called the cerebral cortex. Your left side, often called left-brain, is your analytical side. Your right side or right-brain, is where you creativity resides along with your life rhythm. Your life rhythm is like your life force energy, one of the elements making up you Ki or Qi.

We have all heard various people described as verbal left-brain thinking people and then there are artistic non-verbal right-brain thinking people. Actually, both sides of your brain are important and can work very well together. The Japanese styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho and meditation balance the brain without any physical manipulation or drugs, so that both sides work together.

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