Talking to Jamaican Dancer and Choreographer, L’Antoinette Stines

By | October 25, 2017

Next week, L’Acadco – A United Caribbean Dance Force has a diverse membership which includes dancers, drummers, stilt walkers, and fire blowers from across the Caribbean. week L’Acadco will be hosting PASSION:fruits, a celebration of timeless L’Acadco works. This show will be held at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts, U.W.I Mona from Thursday April 30th 2009 to Saturday March 2nd 2009.We talk to the company founder and artistic director L’Antoinette Stines…YE: Why are you an artist/dancer and when did you first become one?

‘Antoinette: I regard myself as both having danced with many dance companies. I am a choreographer, creator of ‘Antech the first Anglo Caribbean Modern Contemporary Technique and I sometimes perform with the company, so I guess I am an artist.YE: How would you describe

your work?L’Antoinette: Innovative and eclectic, an exciting blend of Jamaica, Caribbean and Europe which is the reality of Caribbean culture.YE: What type of dance do you do?L’Antoinette: Jazz, classical ballet, traditional, contemporary and African dance.YE: How did L’Acadco get started and what was your vision for the company?

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